Soft Tissue Surgery MASTER CLASS - Precision in Practice
Soft Tissue Surgery MASTER CLASS - Precision in Practice
Soft Tissue Surgery MASTER CLASS - Precision in Practice
Soft Tissue Surgery MASTER CLASS - Precision in Practice

Soft Tissue Surgery MASTER CLASS - Precision in Practice

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About this event

Master Class led by renowned periodontal surgeon, Dr. Ricardo Kern, at BDG Think Tank in Las Vegas. 
This intensive 3-Series Master Class delves into the art and science of periodontal plastic surgery, focusing on advanced techniques and contemporary approaches to achieve precision and aesthetic excellence. Refine your surgical skills, enhance patient outcomes, and network with colleagues at the forefront of periodontal care. Secure your place today for a transformative experience with Precision in Practice - Master Class on Periodontal Plastic Surgery with Dr. Ricardo Kern.
BDG Think Tank- 2101 S. Jones Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89146

Course Title: (Working Title)
Precision in Practice: Master Class on Periodontal Plastic Surgery

Dr. Ricardo Kern

Course Dates: 
February 5-7, 2025
April 9-11, 2025
July 17-19, 2025

Who Should Attend:
Dental professionals seeking to elevate their expertise in periodontal plastic surgery, including general dentists, periodontists, prosthodontists, and oral surgeons. This Master Class is designed for those eager to expand their skills through immersive learning and practical application under the guidance of a pioneer in the field.

Participants will receive 24 CU Units per session. Students who complete the full 3-session Master Class will receive a certificate of completion, acknowledging their dedication to advancing their proficiency in periodontal plastic surgery.

Master Class Session Outlines:

Session 1 Outline:  Soft Tissue Surgery Course for Implants
FEBRUARY 5-7, 2025

Day 1: Soft Tissue Surgery for Implants

  •   Perfect harmony of soft tissue: The pink and white aesthetic balance philosophy
  •   Concepts for digital planning in surgical aesthetic rehabilitation
  •   Tools for effective team communication: From surgery to laboratory
  •   Crown Lengthening “A to Z”: Influence on restorative aesthetic results
  •   Factors affecting precision and long-term stability in crown lengthening
  •   Immediate implants and temporization in the aesthetic zone
  •   Factors influencing tissue stability around implants and peri-implantitis development
  •   Provisional design for immediate temporization
  •   Decision-making process: Implant platform depth and abutment design

Day 2: Building Up Soft Tissue
  •   Techniques for harvesting muco-gingival grafts
  •   Use of porcine tissue in practical applications
  •   Recipient site preparation and layering techniques for optimal results

Day 3: Soft Tissue Management Around Implants
  •   Advanced flap movements and techniques
  •   Immediate implants and temporization in fresh sockets
  •   Workflow for partial and full arch rehabilitation
  •   Impression execution and lab communication for optimal results

Session 2 Outline: Soft Tissue Surgery Course for Teeth
April 9-11, 2025

Day 1: Crown Lengthening and Tissue Management
  • Crown Lengthening “A to Z”
  • Influence of tissue design on restorative outcomes
  • Factors affecting predictability and stability
  • Hands-on refinement of incisions and flap preparation

Day 2: Advanced Techniques in Tissue Management
  • Coronally Advanced Flap techniques
  • Detailed discussion on graft types and their applications
  • Practical insights into the layering technique for mucogingival grafts

Day 3: Advanced Flap Techniques
  • Hands-on practice with tunneling and lateral pedicle techniques
  • Suturing refinement for optimal aesthetic outcomes

Session 3 Outline: Soft Tissue Surgery Course for Gummy Smile Correction
July 17-19, 2025

Day 1: Understanding and Planning Gummy Smile Correction
  • Introduction to gummy smile correction: Causes and classification
  • Diagnostic tools and imaging techniques
  • Overview of treatment options and interdisciplinary considerations

Day 2: Surgical Techniques for Gummy Smile Correction
  • Detailed protocols for crown lengthening, gingivectomy, and gingivoplasty
  • Advanced surgical approaches: Lip repositioning and altered passive eruption

Day 3: Hands-On Workshops and Case Discussions
  • Practice sessions on models: Crown lengthening, gingivectomy, and lip repositioning techniques
  • Management of complications and long-term maintenance
  • Panel discussion on challenging cases and treatment planning

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Amazing course. Information presented was evidence based and extremely relevant and useful for your everyday practice. Highly recommend this course.

Dr. Alex Tu

Irvine, CA


The zero bone loss concepts course was very informative and well organized. The facilities were well appointed as well.

Dr. Jonathan Pak

Laughlin, NV


This is a MUST TAKE course and a must have tool under every Implantologists belt. It’s so good, I took the course twice!

Dr. David Ting

Las Vegas, NV