Top Down Implant Course in Las Vegas

Top Down Implant Course in Las Vegas

John J. Kim, DDS, MS, PhD

Dramatic Approach for Implant Guided Surgery
and Simple Immediate Extraction & Placement
of Implant

What is guided surgery & how to use guided surgery kit

Immediate placement: Anterior approach and posterior

Consideration of aesthetic anterior approach
Extraction technique for immediate implant placement
Restorative Plan and Option for Implant
Consideration of restorative plan and types of restoration
Abutment selection
Esthetic restorative options
Management of restorative complications

Ridge Expansion and Ridge Split
Indication of ridge expansion/ridge split
Contraindication of ridge expansion/ridge split
How to use expansion/split kit
Grafted vs non-grafted/membrane vs

Implant Overdenture
Treatment options: locator, o-ring, bar overdenture,
All-on-4,5,6 and implant fixed full arch
Guideline for different implant overdenture
Indication/contraindication in implant overdenture
Consideration of implant fixed full arch restoration
Occlusion in implant prosthetics

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