Soft Tissue Surgery Course In Vegas

Soft Tissue Surgery Course In Vegas

Presented by: Dr. Ricardo Kern

This 3-Day hands on course will present an evidence based collection of digital planning, aesthetic rehabilitation, modification of soft tissue contour, and crown lengthening on the aesthetic zone.

21 CEU's will be provided to registered participants upon completion of the 3-Day Course.


  • Must be a licensed dental professional
  • Please bring loupes
  • Surgical instruments

Food and Beverages:

  • Continental Breakfast, Lunch, and beverages included with registration
  • We will host an optional dinner on Friday, August 9th after the class. Time and location TBA.



Day 1. Soft Tissue Design

  • Course Introduction
  • The pink and white aesthetic balance philosophy
  • Concepts for digital planning of aesthetic rehabilitation
  • Perfect team communication tools - From surgery to laboratory
  • Crown lengthening
  • Influence of tissue design
  • Factors that affect precision
  • Factors that affect short term predictability and long term stability
  • Crown lengthening conjugated with aesthetic restorative procedures
  • Managing muscular lip position
  • Hands on digital planning
  • Full maxilla implant, soft tissue graft, temporization and conditioning case
  • Planning, grafting and conditioning aesthetic large cases
  • Partial conjugated cases
  • Building partial and single implant sites on aesthetic zone
  • Factors of influence for treatment for black spaces

Day 2. Building up Soft Tissue - Hands on tips for mastering:

  • Harvesting muco gingival grafts
  • Flap design
  • Tunneling
  • Connective Palatal Flap
  • Grafting color compromised implant area
  • Socket preservation using muco gingival grafts
  • Large connective tissue graft
  • Management of sutures

Day 3. Workflow for Partial and Full Arch Rehabilitation

  • Simple flap movements to correct most tissue defects for implant placement.
  • Roll "S" flap
  • Double Roll "S" flap
  • Roll "S" flap extended
  • Roll "S" flap spitted periosteum for bone graft
  • Handling of the anatomical temporary for tissue grafting
  • Handling of temporary for tissue conditioning
  • Impression Execution
  • Excel Laboratory communication
  • Gingival Impression Index
  • How to perfect lab transfer - the anatomy of conditioned tissue cast
  • Gingival conditioning cast
  • How to predict changes to the soft tissue contour, shape ovate pontic and emergence profile on partial and full arch

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