“In our dental group we do a large quantity of Implants. Up until a few years ago, the success of implants was always hit or miss. As much as we thought we did all the right things, there has always been a certain percent of failure that we accepted as the norm.

Through the years, various implant companies marketed their products to us which of course are backed by extensive research. We have tried numerous brands of implants and the percentage of failures remains similar amongst different brands. It wasn’t until I took Tomas Linkevicius’ Zero Bone Loss courses that my whole world has changed.

Through his research, we now understand the true science behind implant success and failures. Now I’m strictly following the protocols taught in his workshop and can truly say that we rarely have implant failures now. Regardless of the brand of implant we use.

This is a MUST TAKE course and a must have tool under every Implantologists belt. It’s so good, I took the course twice!”

Dr. David Ting,

"The zero bone loss concepts course was very informative and well organized. The facilities were well appointed as well."

Dr. Jonathan Pak ,

"I attended “Zero Bone Loss Concept” with Professor Linkevicius. Amazing course. Information presented was evidence based and extremely relevant and useful for your everyday practice. Highly recommend this course."

Dr. Alex Tu,